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Beginning in 2006, an engineer team started studying and developing the use of online measurement for the cement and minerals application. The target was to develop a new online analyzer system that measures bulk material online with a high accuracy and works economically and safe. A new solution based on Near Infra Red Technology (NIR) was developed and the result was the SpectraFlow Online Analyzer.


Near Infra Red Technology (NIR) describes the spectral range of electromagnetic waves just below visible light. The analysis uses the fact that Near Infra Red excites molecular oscillation, which are unique for each molecule. These excitations leave a specific molecular footprint in the reflected Near Infra Red spectra. The heart of the analyzer is a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer. The SpectraFlow Analyzer measures and analyses the chemical concentrations of the raw material.


SpectraFlow Analytics Ltd provides online measurement solutions for the cement and various other mineral industries. The SpectraFlow Analyzer portfolio encompasses online measurement applications mounted over a conveyor belt for stockpile blending and online measurement mounted on an airslide for raw and cement mills for the cement industry.


SpectraFlow is also currently used in the iron ore, bauxite and gold industry to optimize the production. For the coal industry (mining and power plants) SpectraFlow has a very high potential and the first installations will come shortly.


The current installed base is 44 analyzers in 19 countries across the globe.