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Dive into the history of Spectraflow

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Our roots

ABB started development of a near infrared online, on-belt analyzer in 2006. By 2010 the first Crossbelt Analyzer had been tested in the cement and iron ore industries accross Europe and USA. Only two years Later the Airslide Analyzer too reached commercial success.

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The Beginning

SpectraFlow Analytics incorporated, the independent company, came to fruition in 2013 as a result of a management buy out of the NIR online analyzer technology from ABB.

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Disrupting the industry

Since then, SpectraFlow has received more than 75 orders in the minerals industries, and has partnered with approved suppliers like FLSmidth and MMD to secure a globally competitive reach.

Customer specific calibration model

As raw materials become increasingly difficult to reach and markets continue to become more competitive, the drive towards higher resolution incremental process control is necessitated. At SpectraFlow Analytics, we recognize the move towards closed loops and the consequent need for highly accurate real time data. Our services meet this need through continuously improving calibration models that match the dynamic growth of mines and processing plants.

Uncompromising accuracy

SpectraFlow delivers reliable accuracy without sacrificing safety, the human element, and OPEX. Safe halogen lamps, a precisely engineered Spectrometer, and a personalized, calibration model work together to deliver unmatched element, mineral phase and moisture analysis at a fraction of the OPEX of our competitors.

Image by Alexander Andrews
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