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Riyadh Cement Company ordered one SpectraFlow Airslide Analyzer plus a Raw Mix Proportioning Software for their white cement manufacturing line to optimize the raw mill operation. The ever increasing demand in cost savings and at the same time improving product quality led Riyadh Cement to invest in the most advanced raw mill optimization package available on the market.

By installing the SpectraFlow Airslide Analyzer after the raw mill the chemical composition of the raw meal is available every minute and this is the basis to adjust the additive weight feeders before the raw mill in real time. This leads to an unrivalled raw meal stability without the need of automated sample transport systems, highly available lab equipment and operators.

Additionally, the SpectraFlow Online Analyzer (Crossbelt for Crusher Optimization and Airslide for Raw Mill Optimization) is free of any radioactive sources, neutron generators or any other hazardous components, which makes the analyzer completely free of the requirement of import permits, operational licenses or radiation officers. This results in very low operational costs with a completely safe technology.
About Riyadh and Saudi White Cement:

Saudi White Cement Company established in 1997, is the first & leading white cement manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which started its white cement production in 2001. Its current capacity is about 1 MT tons of white clinker per annum which makes it one of the leading white cement manufacturers globally.

Riyadh Cement Company is a flagship subsidiary of SAWCEM which started its gray cement production in 2005. RCC is one of the largest gray cement companies in Saudi Arabia with a total installed capacity of above 3.6 MT of gray clinker per annum.

Given the urban resurgence and the economic growth witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in recent years both plants complement each other perfectly in nation building and have been associated with many landmark projects of the kingdom over the last 2 decades. All throughout, the company has been partnered with KSA’s growth with strength & reputation of our products quality, customer orientation and technological excellence. The new SpectraFlow installation is perfectly in line with this vision.

SpectraFlow Installation for Raw Mill Optimization:

The SpectraFlow Airslide Analyzer is an online analyzer to be able to measure raw materials in airslides. As raw materials are processed through a crusher and raw mill these are statistically homogeneous and therefore the analytical results of the SpectraFlow Airslide Analyzer are highly accurate.

By using a SpectraFlow Airslide Analyzer and a site-specific raw mix proportioning strategy the variation in the local raw materials can be balanced out to increase consistency of the raw meal and therefore kiln feed quality considerably.  Also a variable MgO, Na2O, K2O, Cl and SO3 content is optimally monitored. The highly consistent kiln feed results in fewer kiln stoppages, refractory problems and simultaneously increase the clinker production.

Summarized benefits are:

- The analyzer is free of any radioactive sources, neutron generators or any hazardous components. This means the SpectraFlow Analyzer does not require any permits or licenses regarding importation, operation or maintenance.
- The SpectraFlow Analyzer is completely safe, maintenance can be done by the plant personal.
- Raw meal quality will be homogeneous and on setpoint. That results in stable and optimized kiln operation.
- The Airslide Analyzer eliminates the need of automatic sample transport systems, automatic laboratories, high availability of operators and maintenance personal for controlling the raw mill operation.

This SpectraFlow order is the 49th order for the Cement Industry and the 1st airslide analyzer installation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This order raises the installed base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to 7 analyzers (6 Crossbelt, 1 Airslide) and worldwide to 71 analyzers (40 Crossbelt & 31 Airslide).

SpectraFlow Analytics Ltd. Switzerland are the experts in providing online analysis for the cement, bauxite, gold, platinum, copper, potash, phosphate, coal and other minerals industries without any radioactive sources nor neutron generators. The NIR technology used for the SpectraFlow Analyzers is not requiring any permits or licenses and there are no restrictions in buying, importing or maintaining the analyzers. This results in very low operating costs and high availability of the analyzers combined with highly accurate measurement results.

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